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The Dragon Laws

Crimes & punishments
Following is a listing of violations of game law, and the resulting punishments. If the felonious player holds multiple accounts, all accounts may be subjected to the same punishment. (That is to say the offender is a person behind any given number of accounts, not just a particular account) Some offences may result in temporary suspension of posting privileges, the jail terms are reserved for repeat offenders. Game staff reserves the right to interpret these laws in certain situations to maintain the spirit of said laws.

Hacking - Do not deliberately access another person's account without their prior consent. This also includes giving any links, or sites that cause people to do things within their account.
Logging in to, or using another person's account without express permission will result in deletion of any/all of the offender's accounts. To clarify the account sharing issue - you cannot share an account with another person. You may "baby-sit"/”Take Care of” someone's account, but you may not use another person's account as your own for a prolonged period of time. This rule is mainly in place to deal with situations where two people claim ownership over an account.
Punishment: Deletion

Bug Abuse - If you find a bug/ or glitch that can be profited from, don't let us find out you took advantage ;)
Depending on severity, game bug abuse will result in anywhere from a 30 day jail term to account deletion. Bugs, loopholes, security flaws, or any inconsistencies in the game should be immediately reported in the appropriate thread on the message boards or if the subject in question is too sensitive for message boards. You should contact one of the Game Developers (usually Managers) with an Imail description.
Punishment: 30 Days / Deletion

Ripping/Bad Trades/Clan Staff Selling - Taking money from another player and then not providing what you offered is illegal. Clan Staff selling can not and will not be enforced though, Game staff recommend against this kind of action. You have been warned.
Punishment: 15 Days

MB Ignorance, Chat Ignorance - Do not break the rules of any Message Board. Do Not break the rules of the chat Room(s).
Punishment: According to the Individual rules.

Impersonation - Do not change names to say anything to do with staff or Imail players telling them you're staff - doing so is complete n00bness.
Punishment: 15 Days Jail

 Admin Begging - Do not ask Admin or Managers for currency or items, feel free to ask for help though. This includes asking for Game Secrets, anyone imailing staff after game secrets will be jailed.

Multi - Do not make more than one account. If you did that before you read this, mail an Admin request to delete your other accounts.
One Account per user, And only 5 accounts per IP Address/Computer Terminal. This is more then enough for a large family. All of the accounts must not trade, at all times. If a more then one member uses your computer, you must make sure yourself that you do not seem like a multi. Having your brother sending you his gold everyday is really separate accounts. Persons found to have multiple accounts will have those accounts removed from the game, any assets/stats earned from or as a result of these accounts removed, and their main account jailed for 30 days.
Punishment: 30 Days + Deletion

Slutting - Do not 'slut', that is, battling other players in a business fashion. No Suiciding, Reviving, Etc.
Punishment: 15 Days

Game Secret Plotting - Do not Talk about Game Secrets, sharing secrets is Extremely Illegal and will not go unpunished.
Punishment: 20 Days

External Trading - Do not trade currency, items, or characters in this game for something out-of-game. You may not give your character to anybody. Doing so defeats the purpose of the game. If you are caught doing so, your punishment is up to Admins.
Punishment: 40+ Days

Flooding - Intentionally spamming or flooding of message boards, chat rooms, or other communication venues will result in a 5 day jail term.
Punishment: 10+ Days

Player Harassment - Game staff determine when a communication crosses the line into abusive. This is not to say everyone must play nice, this is a combat competitive game after all. The harassment law only applies to continued and targeted harassment of a particular person, not the sporadic insult. The following language assumes a staff member has deemed the interaction as continued harassment. Public harassment of fellow players will result in a 10 day jail term. In general, private communications are just that, private, and not subject to decency or harassment laws. Players are encouraged to use the provided privacy tools to stop harassment. With that said, persons who attempt to undermine the privacy tools will also get their 10 days in jail.
Punishment: 10 Days in Jail

Staff Harassment / Slander - Any complaints against staff will be offered in a clear, courteous manner, free of profanity and overflowing in wit and charm. Slanderous/personal attacks/profane communications against staff members will not be tolerated, and will result in the offending remarks removed, and a 10 day jail sentence for the disseminator. 
Punishment: 10 Days in Jail

Appendix A:
Players have had questions regarding illumination of certain laws, boundaries, and scenarios, here are the answers:

Staff obligations to players
Staff are obligated to respond to, and, if possible, assist any requests made. Official conduit between players and staff by Imail is fine, Players can expect a reply to their queries within 2 business days. (Please note requests should not be made to upper game management directly, you're not going to get "better help" by going around the Managers or Vice Managers.)

The account owner is responsible for their account(s) at all times. This means if your friends/family/pet crocodile logged into your account and cause trouble, you will be held responsible. Keep your username and password secure, as you would for any other site or the pin number for your house or cash card.

Player-Staff interaction
Both players and staff are expected to coexist in a polite and respectful environment. This applies to professional interaction only, as there are instances when the staff member is acting in the capacity of a player, and not an administrator. This is not to say a staff member may become abusive and claim they were acting in a player capacity, but it does mean a staff member need not be stoic at all times. They're volunteers, and need to relax/get into arguments too. This should never be the case in professional settings (i.e. Customer Service requests).

Repeat offenders
Harsher punishments/deletions may occur for repeat offenders.

Loss of items due to unauthorized access/"hacking"
Lost items will only be returned to guilds, provided the items can be tracked.

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